Other Products

Judges Access

Judges Access enables users store their own data such as previous judgements, work, client data, accounts and much more. Each copy comes with a user friendly entry module that permits users create indexes of their material for easy search and access.


Prisons Watch

This is a software developed to capture data of all persons awaiting trial as well as convicted persons. It stores biometric data in such a manner that allows quick search of persons listed.


Recall PRO

Was specifically developed for the Banking sector and is in use by two banks in Nigeria. The software provides bio metric identification of customers at a;ll times.


The Digest Electronic Data Management System (EDMS)

The EDMS consist of three primary components namely;

- A repository for the electronic documents (both imaged and text),

- a relational database,

- and the necessary software to manage it all.

Among other things, the database includes a court-designed "structured" index of documents by case type, case year, case number, filling date, document type and subtype, etc. The software include programs to view the different types of electronic documents in the EDMS and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert imaged documents to text documents.



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