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For every Legal Practitioner, it would best to ignore information technology leaving it to others (The Next Generation) or more technically minded colleagues and to concentrate on “real issues”.

The approach is fundamentally wrong. Moreover, every country (Nigeria inclusive) is producing a generation of children for whom information
Technology holds no fear. They are the “Nintendo Generation”. Those born in the '50s' and '60s' have no perception of the television as 'technology'. Within the last three years, we have seen a new generation of young lawyers for which use
of computers, softwares and the Internet is no different from using the telephone or television.

We at LEGAL DIGEST saw the above picture decades ago. Then we were the


As far back as 1995 when Legal Digest Hosted the 1st Infotech Law seminar; to our Digest Law Reports (1997) and most recently; our latest flagship product COMPULAW, we have always LED and maintained our leadership. We are particularly proud that the technology deployed on all our softwares are home grown but of International standards. They are put together by a group of young yet brilliant set of Nigerians.

We are poised for a new phase and an exciting future as we launch Version 5 across multiple platforms that simply heralds yet another milestone in our history.

Compulaw V.5 now on Desktop, Online, Android and other mobile devices.